Featured Speakers

Below are some of the world renowned speakers that presented at the 2018 forum, Innsbruck.

Line Gentsch-Baumberger is born in 1988. She studies veterinary medicine at the University of Bern, Switzerland between 2006 and 2011 with a focus on small animals and a great interest in exotic pets. Beginning of 2011, she made one month of internship by Dr Emmanuel Risi at the Atlantia Hospital Centre in Nantes (France). In 2012 she joined the small animals practice Amivet in Neuchâtel, Switzerland as graduated veterinary. Her favourite patient is since always the rabbit and she regularly takes part in rabbit-orientated workshops all around Europe, including the dentistry masterclass of Dr Estella Böhmer. As vice-president of the "La Colline aux Lapins" rabbit rescue association, she is responsible of the health management for 3 rescue stations (about 200 rabbits rescued per year). She is actually conducting a research about rabbit teeth in collaboration with the University of Zürich and Dr Philippe Roux.


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